Ciao! I’m Alfonso, Visual Designer currently based in Barcelona. My practice spans print, digital, branding, packaging, photography and social media management. I have 7 years of experience in communication agency, first as Graphic Designer and then as Art Director. 

Fiesta del MariscoVisual Identity 2022
The "Fiesta del Marisco" is a week long fish festival in the Basque region of Spain, It's Fun, fresh, messy, colorful and delicious so we've made sure the identity reflects just that and more.

Visual Identity
Design System

UndisclosedVisual Identity2022
Undisclosed is a collective of contemporary artists who hold creative workshops at correctional facilities around the world. The work created during these workshops is featured on our website, a bi-annual publication, and in exhibitions. All art is available for purchase and funds are stored in an account available for inmates upon release.

Visual Identity
Spacial Design
War on TypeArt Direction2022
People are consuming news about war as if it were entertainment. 
We made a poster about it.
Poster made with real Popcorns during a workshop with Lo Siento Studio at Elisava


Pigiama Typeface
Pigiama font is a display experimental typography created with the shapes coming from a pijama casually trown on the floor.

Album Cover Design
Exhibition Design

Katharis JourneysBrand identity2022
Katharsis Journeys is a holistic team made by medical doctors alongside traditional healers running premium psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands. The approach is deeply rooted in the amalgamation of science and spirituality.

Brand Identiy
Social Communication
Art Direction
Antica Pizzeria Ciro 1923
Brand identity2023
Centenary Pizzieria in the south of Italy, to celebrate the 100 years anniversary I designed the restyling of the brand identity and a badge for the event.

Brand Identity
Menu Design
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